About Visionary Art Trip" in Serbia

 International Traveling Exhibition of Symbolic Art "Visionary Art Trip" in Serbia:

Dates of the exhibition: May 18-30, 2019,
The opening ceremony: May 18, 2019; 16:00
Working hours: 11:00-19:00
Exhibition hall address:
Serbia, 11000, Belgrade, 33 Queen Natalia street

Registration deadline: until 12 May 2019 inclusive.
We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - French idealist philosopher and Jesuit priest

Visionary Art attracts the attention of both creators and viewers all around the world. Its popularity is so broad that this style can rightly be considered a new worldwide phenomenon. Despite the modern-sounding name, it reflects the artist's original interest in the inner world, where fantasy, not reality, becomes the source of creativity. Art is always an attempt to look inside yourself, to know yourself, your place, in a sense to «draw a soul».

Visionary Art is a path of intuition, not of logics. Spontaneous, not controlled by will or a certain plan an image of the author's inner world, fantastic worlds and creatures. The development of this style goes in parallel with the spread of various spiritual practices (for example, yoga), primordial psy-techniques of penetrating into the depths of the subconscious.

According to the artist and director of the Vienna Visionary Art Academy, Laurence Caruana, Visionary Art is what merges art, myth and dreams. Like the ancient writings, it is a lost language, to be deciphered by everyone alone. The artist-visionary uses all means available to him to show what is beyond the boundaries of vision. In fact, he draws something that is invisible. A source of inspiration for the visionary artist: dreams, a state of trance, meditation, contemplation. Part of the artists-visionaries consciously resorts to the use of entheogens (substances to achieve an altered state of consciousness), realizing their danger to themselves. But at the moment this practice is not generally accepted.

Can not be failed to note masterly craftsmanship and technical perfection of the masters. Visionary art, true Visionary art is the highest level of professionalism, possession of pictorial techniques and tradition.

The general idea of artists Visionary Art – attitude to painting as an instrument through which the "inner landscape" (Martin Hoffman) is reflected, thus, art becomes not a goal, but a means on the way to self-knowledge, self-improvement. Pictures are some kind of portals, "which will open up infinite possibilities for existence and self-expression. Thanks to him, we will remember and rediscover our past, who we are, where our life began and where we are going "(Amanda Sage).
Artists preach the unity of mankind, the desire to feel his family, which means to realize his shared responsibility for his future.

The brightest representatives of Visionary art:
Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Andrew Gonzalez, Brigid Marlin, Olga Spiegel, Kuba Ambrose, Laurence Caruana , Oleg Korolev, Amanda Sage, Martina Hoffmann, Daniel Mirante, Aloria Weaver, David Heskin, Philip Rubinov Jacobson, Agostino Arrivabene, Ernst Fuchs who is considered the founding father of Visionary art, as well as many others.
In Russian art, the precursors of VA were the works of Mikhail Vrubel (1856-1910), Nikolay Roerich (1874-1947), Nikolay Kalmakov (1873-1955).


In the Visionary Art Trip project of 2019 we accept art works in the styles of:

1) Visionary art
2) Mystical Symbolism
3) Cosmism
4) Fantastic Realism
5) Magic Realism

Art works, produced in genres of painting, graphics, sculpture, digital art are accepted.

All the registered works (participation in person and remote participation) are exhibited in the exhibition center and participate in the program in the following sections-nominations of the exhibition:

     Visionary art     
Visionary art is an artistic style based on a spontaneous depiction of what is seen in the altered state of consciousness, religious, meditative contemplation, trance, as well as flashbacks that arise after so-called "tripods" (psychedelic state) altered states of consciousness, characterized by a different perception and an intense process of awareness. English synonyms Visionary art: Visionary Art, Fantastic Realism, Imaginative Art, Mystical Art, Psychedelic Art.
One of the creators of the theory of the noosphere and the modern theory of cosmic evolution, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, revealed the true nature and essence of art in the style of "Visionary art": "We are not people who experience spiritual experience, but spiritual beings who experience the experience of human existence."
The following sections of the exhibition are NOT Visionary art directions, but together they form close and interpenetrating currents of contemporary art.
     Mystic Symbolism     
Mystical symbolism is an artistic reflection of religious teachings, philosophical works, understatement and ambiguity of plots and their interpretations. The image is not a specific image, but utterances (even screaming) of the soul, mood, experiences, impressions. The predominance of the emotional experience of both the creator of creation and the viewer.
Cosmism - man and mankind as elements, connected in a single whole with the cosmos, other worlds and dimensions, unknown states of mathematics. Interaction and coexistence of realities, the beauty of non-worlds. Abstract categories and concepts as a theme for creative self-expression: spiritual search, the flow of time, thought and its movements.
     Fantastic Realism     
Fanstastic realism - as the herald of Visionary art, the combination of a realistic style of painting, content and fantastic motives, the author's notions of phenomena beyond the limits of sensory experience.
     Magic Realism     
Magic realism is a combination of a realistic picture of the world and magical elements, a game with eyesight. Combination of photographic accuracy and paradox.


Art curator of the International traveling exhibition of symbolic art "Visionary Art Trip":
Oleg Korolev
visionary artist, teacher of the Vienna Academy of visionary art,
head of the section "Symbolic art" of the Eurasian Art Union
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General Ambassador of the Visionary Art Trip project in Serbia
Vesna Leibowitz
Representative / Ambassador of the Eurasian Art Union in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia

General producer of the International traveling exhibition of symbolic art "Visionary Art Trip":
Fedors Filkovs
President of the Eurasian Art Union,
Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences