Visionary Art Trip in Serbia

International exhibition of symbolic art

Visionary Art Trip in Serbia

May 18-30, 2019 . Belgrade / Serbia

Visionary art is an artistic style based on a spontaneous depiction of what is seen in the altered state of consciousness, religious, meditative contemplation, trance, as well as flashbacks that arise after so-called "tripods" (psychedelic state) altered states of consciousness, characterized by a different perception and an intense process of awareness. English synonyms Visionary art: Visionary Art, Fantastic Realism, Imaginative Art, Mystical Art, Psychedelic Art.
Mystical Symbolism
Mystical symbolism is an artistic reflection of religious teachings, philosophical works, understatement and ambiguity of plots and their interpretations. The image is not a specific image, but utterances (even screaming) of the soul, mood, experiences, impressions. The predominance of the emotional experience of both the creator of creation and the viewer.
Cosmism - man and mankind as elements, connected in a single whole with the cosmos, other worlds and dimensions, unknown states of mathematics. Interaction and coexistence of realities, the beauty of non-worlds. Abstract categories and concepts as a theme for creative self-expression: spiritual search, the flow of time, thought and its movements.
Fantastic Realism
Fanstastic realism - as the herald of Visionary art, the combination of a realistic style of painting, content and fantastic motives, the author's notions of phenomena beyond the limits of sensory experience.
Magic Realism
Magic realism is a combination of a realistic picture of the world and magical elements, a game with eyesight. Combination of photographic accuracy and paradox.

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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin